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The Line is a modern and personal approach to retail. We bring together carefully chosen fashion, home, and beauty items and place them in context through inspiring editorial features and intimate offline shopping experiences. The thematic, seasonal, and handpicked assortments we call Selections offer another way to explore our evolving edit of things you’ll wear, use, and treasure for years to come.

Doug McCollough
Los Angeles

Each DMDM piece is handmade by designer Doug McCollough, whose craftsmanship infuses warmth and character into modernist forms. The result is inviting, elegant furniture that gets better with age and use. “My work isn’t meant to remain pristine,” says McCollough, who has created custom pieces for the likes of Proenza Schouler (co-designed by his brother, Jack) and Atelier de Troupe. “It’s meant to take on a patina.”

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