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The Line Style in Context

The Line is a modern and personal approach to retail. We bring together carefully chosen fashion, home, and beauty items and place them in context through inspiring editorial features and intimate offline shopping experiences. The thematic, seasonal, and handpicked assortments we call Selections offer another way to explore our evolving edit of things you’ll wear, use, and treasure for years to come.

Scott Morrison
New York City

Single-needle sewing machines, hand-painted enamel buttons, and custom-made RiRi zippers from Switzerland are only a few of the details that made 3x1 jeans special. Denim industry veteran Scott Morrison founded the company with a mission: “To make the best jeans in the world, one pair at a time.” The company’s SoHo HQ is a shoppable atelier where sewers, cutters, patternmakers, and designers work behind clear glass walls to add 25 new pieces per day to the roughly 700 pairs of jeans kept in stock.

Discerning customers can go the custom route and build their perfect pair from scratch. “It's not the same as getting a tailored suit made, so we had to develop our own bespoke process, which was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my career,” says Morrison, whose dedication to denim led him to name his Rhodesian ridgebacks, Kurabo and Shimbo, after Japanese denim mills. “We created a step-by-step approach that develops and refines a digital pattern. It’s the exact same process that we go through whether we’re making one pair for an individual or 600 or 1,200 pairs for our wholesale business.”